Natalka Vivcharchyn is our Country Director in Ukraine based in Kyiv. She has worked with Operation White Stork since spring 2022 when the war started in Ukraine. She volunteered for OWS as most of active Ukrainians did at the beginning of the war. Natalka has 12 years progressive commercial background in private business in Ukraine. Her career to date has been characterized by successful collaboration across private and civil society organizations to design and deliver economic growth strategies. She worked as Marketing Lead and Strategy Development Manager in Ukrainian and international business as well and she has a strong leadership and cooperation skills. Natalka holds MA from the Academy of National Economy of Ternopil, Ukraine – with a major in International Business and Management and a BA in Financial Management. She is volunteer of Help us Help the Children (HUHTC, Canada, Toronto) and a member of USAID programs in Marketing for Educational Institutions in Ukraine.